Frequently asked questions


Why travel with Adria Mare?

Here are just a few of the ways Adria Mare trips stand out - and why you should choose us for your next travel experience:


Who travels with Adria Mare? 

Anyone interested in mixing learning experience with pleasure.
We have tours for all age groups and different interests.


What kind of support/services does Adria Mare offer?

We offer multiple services on demand. From expert local guides, hotels, busses, boat rides, tickets, meals, etc. Pretty much any service you may need or may think of on your tour.


What are the benefits in partnering with Adria Mare?

As our partner, you get the highest priority. While we are helping multiple tour operators within our ability our partners come first. There is no compromise in quality of our work at any given time. Every inquiry we receive we approach it with utmost care and attention to detail, otherwise we don't do it at all and you are informed about it.


How does our typical program looks like?

Our typical program takes 4 days to complete and typically offers multiple destinations.
Here’s an example of our tour to Hvar:

1st Day - Arrival to Hvar. We are getting comfortable in our hotel.

2nd Day - This is where the fun starts. We start our tour by exploring most beautiful city on the Island, Jelsa, Starigrad and grad Hvar - known as the most sunny place in Croatia.

3rd Day - You have a choice of freely wandering around island or taking our suggested boat trip to island Brac on the world famous beach “Golden horn”, with optional lunch, native cousine with strong accent on fish. Later in the day we’re coming back to Vrboska.

4th Day- Today we take bit of rest and take our jouney home.


How do we get paid?

Adria Mare specializes in producing high-quality group travel experiences.
Prices are based on multiple factors such as number of travelers, degree of customization, etc.
Most trips start at a minimum of 30€ per day per person.
A deposit is necessary upon booking and the balance is due 30 days before the trip.

We are commision based agency which means we're getting paid by taking small commision on our tour packages.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask feel free to contact us directly by 
Phone: +385 51 791 191 or by Email: Looking forward hearing from you.