Christmas Market - Zagreb

As one of the youngest markets the Christmas market in Zagreb was voted the best in Europe for the second year in a row. Zagreb is an experience in itself during the pre-Christmas season. The streets in the center turn into a giant Christmas market, with its colorful lights and seductive fragrances to browse. Numerous Christmas displays offer a taste for the palate as well as souvenirs. Come by and let them take you to the winter wonderland.

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The best Christmas market in Europe

Day 1 Welcome to your 5 star Hotel Westin in the center of Zagreb. Make yourself comfortable in the comfort of your own room or relax in the hotel's swimming pool. Enjoy a short detour into a luxury oasis of the extra class.

Tag 2 Freshly prepared and after a sumptuous buffet breakfast awaits your guide who leads her to a city visit. Zagreb was once an important part of the Hapsburg monarchy and the influence is still visible today - the Museum Mimara and the National Theater, built by the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer, are just some of the buildings they will see on their tour. Past historical monuments we reach the first goal of the day - the church of St. Mark. From here you can continue to the Steintor, the cathedral and other sights of the city. The late afternoon will be the highlight of the trip: already on their way through the city, they pass the many Weihanchtsstanden which only come out in the evening light. The whole old town awakens into colorful street lights decorated with music wherever you go. There is something for everyone - whether classical or temporal music, whether sweets or something hearty-hearty, they will find it. Warm yourself with a glass of mulled wine and discover on your own the magic of the Advent market before they return to the hotel.

Tag 3 Sleep and strengthened, home with small souvenirs for the loved ones who have stayed home this time. Who knows maybe they will come next time and experience one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

• 2 x overnight stay with rich buffet breakfast
• Tourist tax, registration and VAT
• Indoor swimming pool and fitness in the hotel
• WiFi in the hotel
• 1 x English speaking tour on the 2nd day

Package price pP in EURO
In DR € 144,-
In SR € 229,-

1. Extra room with 21 paying customers in the SR
2. Extra room with 42 paying customers in the DR

Bus parking in Zagreb approx. EUR 19, - per day / per bus

Prices are per person
Prices available on request subject to availability
Any Price (Room and activities) are valid for min 21 persons