Croate - Journey to the home of the necktie

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The tie. Everyone knows her, almost everyone has them, but where does she come from? To learn this we must go back a little in history. The tie was mentioned for the first time in the 17th century in France - la cravate, and was considered a designation for the Croatian Cavalry Regiment, which joined the French army. The special thing about them were the handkerchiefs - a farewell gift from the sweetheart whom they tied as a souvenir around their necks. These were colorful cloths, which in contrast to the uniform came very much to advantage and even the interest Loius XIV aroused. When Louis XIV and his brother Phillipe began to wear ties, the way to the story was paved with them.

Day 1 Arrival and accommodation of your rooms. The rest of the day is at leisure.

Day 2 - Discover one of the largest natural wonders - the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The primal powers of nature, which have been active for millions of years, have formed 16 lakes in the dolomite and limestone rocks. The crystal clear water flows steadily across travertine barriers from one lake to the next, starting with the upper lakes in the southern part of the park. In the northern part, the water of the Plitvice lakes plunges over a 78-meter-high waterfall and finally flows into the river Korana. Through numerous hiking trails, along and across the lakes, you can explore the park and admire the panorama from many viewpoints. The colors of the lake vary depending on the amount of minerals or organisms and the angle of sunlight from green to azur blue or blue. With great photos it goes back to her hotel.

Day 3 - Good mood and good fortune, after breakfast, to meet with your guide. She expects a particularly atractive program. Jelačić Square is the starting point for a visit to the capital of Croatia. Her Tourguide takes you from the suburbs to the Oberstadt by numerous monuments and tells you about the history of the city. Shortly before noon, they reach St. Mark's Square and St. Mark's Church, where you can follow the unique guard post of the Cravate Regiment - splendid horses with their riders and the foot regiment with its historical uniform and the unmistakable sign of the regiment - the red tie which owes its name to it. After the inspection of the regiment and a brief prayer, this continues through the streets on its route to the cathedral. Part of the way, they will accompany the Guard before their paths separate and continue with the tour of the city. Through historical alleys, you will reach the market square Dolac - the central zagreb market. Take a look at the natural, fresh offer of the picturesque market stalls. Dolac, with its red umbrellas, has become a landmark in Zagreb, where you can also buy a souvenir. We continue to visit the cathedral before leaving for lunch. The afternoon is at leisure.

Day 4 - With new memories and memories, they leave the home of the necktie.

Hotel 4*

Date: April/May


  • 3 x half board in a 5 star hotel
  • Rich breakfast and evening buffet
  • Use of the swimming pool, as well as fitness and wellness
  • WIFI
  • Tourist tax, registration, VAT
  • Half-day guided city tour up to 5 hours Zagreb
  • 3 hours tour of NP Plitvice Lakes
  • Entrance Plitvice Lakes

Lunch a la carte in Zagreb in a traditional restaurant
Zagreb Card - valid for Saturday (free admission for the Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb Museum of City History, free tram in the 1st zone, cableway between Lower and Upper Town, entrance to Zagreb Eye, entrance fee Zoo) min. Participants 21 Pax