Konavle - Cavtat

Built on a rock under a cliff fortress Sokol grade, offers from which a view of the fertile valley of Konavle, which has stood since the age of the Illyrians as a silent witness proudly erect the stormy centuries trotzend.Die fortress had the story two tasks: to defend the order imposed and to rule over the region. After the earthquake in the 17th century the Republic of Ragusa was the fortress Sokol on grade.

Today, after almost 350 years, it shines after reconstruction in its full brightness. Cavtat - the antique Epidaurum was an important Roman colony in this part of Europe that came to an end after the downfall of the Western Roman Empire and the breakthroughs of Slavs and Avars. Its inhabitants fled to the neighboring Laus Rave Ragusa which later became Dubrovnik arose. In the historical sources Cavtat is mentioned under the name Ragusa Vacchia, wasviel says about the relationship between these two cities. Legend has it that the name Cavtat from old Croatian verb "captiti" originates, which "bloom" means and alludes to the yellow flowers of the juniper and the widespread plant with the sunny aura.

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